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The Brick Legged Water Tank!
Here is another kit from the creative mind of
Gary Beatty!

This little water tank has really taken a turn
for the worst!

It appears the locals chose to use a quickly
assembled stack of bricks to replace one of the
tank's broken legs!

On30 railroading is all about creative modeling
and detail that is meant to be seen!
Puerto BorrachoTank
O/On30 Scale
From fellow On30 modeler
Gary Beatty's Idea file!
This great little detail kit has tons of
On30 Character!

Small size fits anywhere!
New Detail O/On30 Split log Piles!
Kit is a one piece resin casting
Measures 4" long and 3" wide
and 2.5" High
O/ On30
Heavy Pipe Rack Kit!
New One Piece resin casting of a split log wood piles With or
without Tarp covers.
Casting was mastered from individual split log pieces for a
very realistic casting, Measures 3" l x 1.5"w x 1.5" t

Split Log Pile

Split Log Pile with Partial Covered Tarp

Split Log Pile with Full Covered Tarp

Split Log Pile Set of all Three
Full Tarp
Partial Tarp