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This Months Current Available Kits!
The Brick Legged Water Tank!
Here is another kit from the creative mind of
Gary Beatty!

This little water tank has really taken a turn
for the worst!

It appears the locals chose to use a quickly
assembled stack of bricks to replace one of the
tank's broken legs!

On30 railroading is all about creative modeling
and detail that is meant to be seen!
Puerto BorrachoTank
O/On30 Scale
From fellow On30 modeler
Gary Beatty's Idea file!
This great little detail kit has tons of
On30 Character!

Small size fits anywhere!
Available Now for August!
New! The On30 Kissatche Swamp Logging Car!
The Kissatchie Cypress logging outfit was a
run-down small logging outfit in the South. They
always seemed to be a "day late and a dollar short!"
Most of the equipment was shop built and often in
need of some sort of repair.
Up for sale is one of the lines Logging cars for your
logging outfit.
Pre-cut Basswood, Plastic details, rail and chain
Trucks and couplers not included!
Caspia Pine Tree Kits!

Kit has enough material to make two 12"
tall trees!

The Dried flower material Caspia has
always been a prefered material for
realistic tree branches.

Easy to make!