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Today's $5 Friday Kit!
O/On30 Basic 20' Flatcar Kit!
frame with wood deck and Brake wheel
Our new Pile trestle kit is perfect for spanning that small
creek or gully on your layout!
Easy to build! All parts are pre-cut for you!
Measures 6" long and 2.5" High

New Short Pile Trestle Kit!
The Kissatchie Cypress logging outfit was a
run-down small logging outfit in the South. They
always seemed to be a "day late and a dollar short!"
Most of the equipment was shop built and often in
need of some sort of repair.
Up for sale is one of the lines Logging cars for your
logging outfit.
Pre-cut Basswood, Plastic details, rail and chain
Trucks and couplers not included!
The On30 Kissatche Swamp Logging Car!
Example of built up car
Details, trucks & couplers not included