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The San Juan Car Co. Truck Tutorial
Trucks can always be a bit of a mystery in
On30. Many ready to run models such as
Bachman and San Juan Car Co. come with
trucks that look and preform well and may not
provide the car body only without trucks. Trucks
need to be provided by the modelers and that
leaves a few questions. Read on for a review of
the San Juan Car Co. On30 trucks
The San Juan trucks look and preform well and come in
several styles. Shown here are the On30 West Side Type
1A Truck Kit. The price was $17.95.
Delivery of the trucks from San Juan Car Co. was well
within reason, arriving in 6 days. The trucks needed some
assembly which is straight forward, but was a bit fussy in a
couple areas
The trucks will look just fine with the basic

Here are the assembled trucks ready to
roll with the screws that are included and
the bottom cover to hide them.
To weather the trucks they were
sprayed with a dark grey rattle
can primer and then I brushed on
some Bragdons weathering
powders. The dark rust is a base
color with some black, grey and
light rust are added. The mix is
rather a catch all as I weather
various projects adding in a little
of this or that color as I go .
These trucks will go
great with our new
Diamond & Caldor
logging Block Car!
This kit is still available
to order but hurry its
only available until
April 30th!