A brief note about Morgan Hill Models and
how our kits are sold.

Morgan Hill Models is a small company. I work with
some of the best suppliers in this hobby for production
some  parts. Our kits are sold in small quantities of
about 50 kits each. These sell out quickly almost all
exclusively to our community members, so I strongly
suggest you to
join the email list
and not miss out on any kits!

I email an availability list at the begining of the month.
This may include a new kit and which additional kits are
still available.

It is my goal to create and deliver some of the best fine
scale craftsman kits for the you the On30 modeler. I
really appreciate your support and want to thank all my
past, current and future customers for their purchases
and patience waiting for their kits!

Go ahead, Release your creativity!

Our kits feature quality scale strip wood, board by
board construction, cast resin frameworks and hydrocal
plaster and resin castings to give you the freedom to
create your own unique fine scale On30 rolling stock
and structures.

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Here's what a few of our customers are saying!
Morgan Hill Models
Creative On30 Model Detail Kits
At the National Narrow Gauge
Convention 2008
With Lane Stewart in 2008
thanks for making such nice kits."
Carl M.

"Your kits are some of best I have  seen in
On30. Keep up the good work!"
Tom A.