Morgan Hill Models    
Creative On30 model kits
On30 Rolling stock Kits!     
Just paint and weather the frame and
start working on the fun stuff quickly!

Kits include resin under frame and details.
Plus all the necessary Strip wood and nut and
bolt details.

*Kits Do not include
trucks and couplers.
Get your kit up and running fast!  
new! Detailed cast resin under frames!
Kissatchie Fuel Car $39.95
Tank Cars
Work Cars
Flat Cars
West Side Lumber all wood Car Kits
Wooden Water Tank Car $39.95
Logging Water Car $29.95
20' Tank Car $29.95
Indistrial Tank Car $29.95
Logging Fuel Car $29.95
15' Ore Car $24.95
28' Lowside Gondola  $29.95
Backwoods Tool & Repair Car
Scrap Car $29.95
Rail & Tie Car $31.95
Ballast Car $31.95
Blacksmith Car $39.95
Logging Flat Car with
bunks $24.95
Flat Car with details $19.95
24' Logging Flat Car with
bunks $24.95
24' Logging Flat Car
with bunks $29.95
24' Logging Caboose $59.95
Temp Out of stock
24' Diamond & Caldor Logging Block
Car $49.95    Temp Out Of Stock
Click on Image for detailed info!
Disconnect Tank Car $49.95
Disconnect Log Cars $24.95
Livestock & Supply Car $39.95
20' Small WoodenTank
Car kit $39.95