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New Tutorial! Distressing wood and staining with alcohol
and dry powders
Step 1
Distress and add wood grain to your wood. I use an old wire wheel. You could also use a
wire brush or a file card. You can add additional cracks and splits to the sides and ends
with an X-acto or razor blade. Then use some fine sandpaper to remove the heavy fuzz.
Step 2
Brush your wood with an aging solution. I really like Silverwood from Builders in Scale or
use alcohol and india ink (1/2 tsp. to pint). One or two applications should do it initially.
Let dry between coats and before step 3
Step 3
You could stop as is, but I like to add a little warmth and depth to weathered wood with
weathering powders from Bragdon. I use brown, light brown, ash grey and a touch of
black here and there with a small brush. You can also use pastel chalk sticks. Shave the
stick with a razor blade to make powder.
Step 4
Apply a coat of 70% isoprol alcohol. This will seal the powders and get them down into the grain.
Let dry and check the results. If you want it warmer, repeat with some browns, cooler greys and
black. Wash it again, this time with plain alcohol or acetone if you don't want to darken it more. A
few light passes with a wire brush or steel wool will lighten the wood if it is too dark, brown or grey.
You can also use this technique to add color to your wood. In the photo I used an oxide
red and a little touch of black in place of the browns in step 3. This will give you a
weathered barn red or boxcar red color. You can experiment with other colors too.
Bragdon has blues, greens and yellows also.
These techniques will produce really
great results on our new stone Factory
kit, as well as our West Side Cars!
For wood
exposed to
weather, use
more browns.
more browns.
Scrub the
powders into the
wood with an old
toothbrush or
other stiff brush.
New cut piece
Add Grain
Sand away the Fuzzies
Add Checks & Cracks
Add End rings
Brush on Silverwood
Powders & brushes
Brush on powders
Work into the grain
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